+The artist+

Marie-Eve Bordeleau, a 2006 graduate of the École de joaillerie de Québec, Canada is constantly striving to push the limits of the materials she works with. Her approach, which combines sculpture and textural research, has been rewarded many times by awards of excellence. Born into a family that has always been ingenious and resourceful, she dreamed of making a living as a creative craftswoman. In 2009, she founded Marie-Eve Bordeleau, Ready-to-wear Sculptures and travelled throughout Quebec and Ontario with a portable booth at craft events. 

+Artistic approach+

Turning point, following a crush💓 on a sea urchin shell, I became aware of the beauty of nature and the textures around me. This inspired the basic idea for the rest of my collections. The imprint of the sea urchin shell is the backdrop that influences my creations to leave a tangible trace of an unforgettable moment. Over time, objects present in my environment such as coffee beans and precious wood essences were added for their aesthetic, sensory or symbolic value. 

+Handcrafted in Canada+

The jewellery are designed, made of 925 sterling silver and sold directly by the jeweller Marie-Eve Bordeleau which allows more affordable prices for all budgets.  
Marie-Eve travels around Quebec with her portable kiosk, selling her creations herself. She took part in the prestigious Craft show in Montreal, Quebec for 10 years. She is also a frequent participant in the Kingston and Toronto Artfest, as well as several events in Ottawa, Ontario. In 2015, she received the Best jewellery award at the Newt Art Festival in Ottawa, Ontario. 

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