Sterling silver is an alloy containing metals that react with products in the air to produce oxidation. Exposure to sunlight and humidity increases this reaction, which is perfectly normal and easy to remedy.

Take care to clean the jewel with a dry polishing cloth (you'll receive one free with the purchase of each jewel) - it's reusable even if it blackens. TIP: when not in use, place the piece in an airtight bag to slow down the oxidation process and save on cleaning.

Did you know that the more you wear your jewel, the more it will stay shiny? When you wear your jewel, it comes into contact with fabrics or other materials, and this acts as a cleaner for the jewel.

You've run out of polishing cloth, what can you do to tide you over?  You can use an old glasses cloth or a soft cloth (cotton or flannel).

Is the jewel waterproof? Yes, you can wear the jewel at any time, even in the shower. To remove any soap residue accumulated in the hollows of the jewel, clean with a soft toothbrush and mild dishwashing soap.

Can I wear my ring when I go to the pool or spa?  Yes, but you should be aware that chlorine is an oxidizing agent, and if the quantity exceeds the pH recommended for swimming, your jewelry may undergo a color-change treatment (blue-gray) on the surface.  You'll need to polish your jewelry mechanically to restore its original color.

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