NON-REFUNDABLE: please note that Marie-Eve Bordeleau jewelry is non-refundable except for any dissatisfaction, allergic reaction or if the jewelry is unfairly represented. RETURN: for a refund, please send an email to within 15 days of receiving the jewel. The jewelry must be in its original condition and must be returned at the customer's expense unless there is some sort of agreement with the seller.


EXCHANGE: all jewelry is exchangeable within 30 days of receipt. They must be in their original condition.  For an exchange, contact us by email at within 30 days of receiving the jewelry.  Shipping charges will be half/half.

RING OR BRACELET Sizing: within 90 days of receiving the jewel, the sizing will be free.  The shipping costs will be half/half. The buyer will have to send the ring to the seller at his expense indicating the new size and the seller will return it at his expense. The time frame for sizing is usually 15 days.



Marie-Eve Bordeleau

CP 1514 SUCC. Saint-Grégoire

Bécancour, Qc

G9H 4S8

SELLER ERROR: You did not receive the model or size you ordered. Please take a picture and send us an email at within 7 days of receiving your order. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the seller. You will receive a return label by email to print and stick on the envelope to return the jewelry.

GUARANTEE: the manufacture of Marie-Eve Bordeleau, Sculptures prêtes à porter jewelry are guaranteed for 5 years.  For a repair under the warranty:Marie-Eve Bordeleau assumes the cost of repair as well as postage to return the jewelry to the buyer.

Contact: 1 819 690-6218 or by email :

What is not guaranteed:

-The aging of the jewelry is not guaranteed.

Example: Scratches

-The crushing of the jewel due to an accident

3 months warranty :

-Chains, fasteners, earrings hooks and silver butterflies

Please feel free to contact me for any situation that you feel abnormal with the primers even if the 3 months time limit is over.


CARE: sterling silver is an alloy containing metals that react with products in the air and produce oxidation. Exposure to sunlight as well as humidity increases this reaction which is quite normal and easy to remedy.

Take care to clean the jewel with a dry polishing cloth (you will receive one free with the purchase of each jewel) it is reusable even if it blackens. TIP: when you are not wearing it, put the piece in an airtight bag, this will slow down the oxidation process and save you from cleaning.

Did you know that the more you wear your jewelry, the more it will stay shiny? When you wear your jewelry, it is in contact with fabrics or other materials and this acts as a cleaner for the jewelry.

You don't have any more polishing cloths, what can you do to help you out?  You can use an old eyeglass cloth that is no longer in use or a soft cloth (cotton or flannel)

Is the jewelry waterproof? Yes, you can wear the jewelry at all times, even in the shower. To remove soap residues accumulated in the hollows of the jewel, clean with a soft toothbrush and mild dish soap.

Can I wear my jewelry when I go to the pool or spa?  Yes, however you should know that Chlorine is an oxidizer and if the quantity is above the recommended pH for swimming, your jewelry may undergo a color change treatment (blue-gray) on the surface.  It will be necessary to mechanically polish your jewelry to obtain its original color.

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