Unique “Sea Storm” pendant in sterling silver with texture of a sea urchin shell.

Dimensions: 2.8 cm x 7.3 cm (28 mm x 73 mm)

* Please note that each "Sea Storm" pendant is unique, the pattern may vary from one pendant to another. Also, the tip of the wave can be left or right.

Code: TEMPETE-DE-MER-la-pointe

Price: $ 175 CAD


Sterling silver chain included. (Mention the desired length)

--- 16 inches: near the neck (for wearing on the skin) ---

--- 18 inches: standard length (for wearing on the skin) ---

--- 20 inches: wear on the skin or to wear on a garment ---

--- 22 inches: to wear on a garment ---

--- 24 inches: to wear on a garment ---



A sea urchin shell acquired during a trip is used as inspiration. The use of seashell footprints creates unique textures.  In my works, the imprint symbolizes a lived fact, a story, a trip or an unforgettable moment. The idea is to leave a trace of an object reminiscent of a story that will be imbued with a precious material.

 Before starting a piece, I do not know that it forms, or function it will have, are the relief and the form resulting from the impression which inspires me a jewel. Portable rectangular works are preferred to make room for the richness of the textures. Pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets are produced as a result of impression taking, molding, fusion, cutting, welding, sanding and polishing.


Unique “Sea Storm” pendant

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