Unique pendant "SILVER HEART" in sterling silver and with a texture of a sea urchin shell.

Dimensions: 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm


**This pendant is unique, the pattern and size may vary from one pendant to another.


Sterling silver chain included. (Mention the desired length)

--- 16 inches: near the neck (for wearing on the skin) ---

--- 18 inches: standard length (for wearing on the skin) ---

--- 20 inches: wear on the skin or to wear on a garment ---

--- 22 inches: to wear on a garment ---

--- 24 inches: to wear on a garment ---


The inspiration:

The pattern of the pendant is made from impression on a sea urchin shell. Printing, embossed on the ring that you buy may be different from the photo on this site.

The history: This collection is inspired by the little treasures we bring back from vacations. Those little objects that, despite their being potentially simple, make us smile and allow us to dream.

A sea urchin shell picked up during a trip serves as inspiration; using moulding and reproduction techniques, an imprint of the shell leads to the creation of a collection of original jewellery that is rich in texture.


SILVER HEART, unique pendant

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