Unique "Coffee passion" pendant in sterling silver and freshwater pearl with coffee bean pattern.

Dimensions: 5 cm x 7 cm (50 mm x 7mm)

(Each pendant is unique, size and pattern may vary)


Price: CAD $ 285

Sterling silver chain included. (Mention the desired length)

* In the photo, it is a 24 inch chain.

--- 16 inches: near the neck (for wearing on the skin) ---

--- 18 inches: standard length (for wearing on the skin) ---

--- 20 inches: wear on the skin or to wear on a garment ---

--- 22 inches: to wear on a garment ---

--- 24 inches: to wear on a garment ---


Using coffee bean imprints allows me to create unique textures. In my works, the imprint symbolizes a lived fact, a story, a trip or an unforgettable moment. The idea is to leave a trace of an object reminiscent of a story that will be steeped in precious material.

Being myself passionate about coffee, inspired by the rich smell of coffee, loving the flavors, it was obvious for me to design jewelry inspired by coffee!


COFFEE PASSION, unique pendant

  • 285.00$

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